Pact with the devil.


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-We made that pact a long time ago. You do remember it, don’t you?

-How can I forget…at first I thought it was the best thing that happened to me…but you deceived me, you lied to me…and now I can’t get out.

-That’s not how it is, I warned you, but you were too enthusiastic to listen.

-So now what?

-Now nothing…I’m just here to warn you about something.

-Again with the warnings? I get it…I can’t escape!

-It’s not just that, you see you’re walking between two worlds, the one of life and the one of death. Sometimes you come back to one with a touch of the other.

-A touch?

-Of death. And be careful, it might brush of.

-On what?

-On the things that you touch.

Thus was the conversation that surprised him, he expected Azazel to warn him but he never expected him to make the discussion so brief.

He just turned and left the demon there…knowing that in a short period of time he’ll be back for his soul.


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